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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday writings #No 31~Heaven Sent

        Tuesday writings #No 31~Heaven Sent

 Prompts this week: dire, Ponzi, cossack

          My eighty year old grandmother cried into the phone and I too wanted to cry. Grandmother said she had sent a prayer up to god and a voice told her to call me. My grandmother had brought me up sacrificed much and when I done well in my career I’d set up a retirement savings plan so that she could retire in peace and with enough money to leave comfortably. She had moved into a retirement community where she could play bingo and enjoy herself with others her age and now she found herself in dire straits. All because she trusted a man who claimed to be a man of God; I was appalled this man calling himself a minster of God had bilked my grandmother and many of her friends out of their retirement savings all in the name of God. I didn’t quite understand how he’d done this but I knew it was illegal. It had to be!! I decided I would hire a P.I. after talking to the police who said they didn’t have anything on the good Reverend Tom. I went to my grandmother’s a as luck would have it she said, “You don’t have to google anything here’s a phone book.”
I told her the phone book must be outdated and that I hadn’t seen one in years but she insisted that some of the numbers hadn’t changed and I should use it to find the private investigator. We sent up a prayer to God to help us find the right man or woman for the job.
       To humour her I did just that opening the pages at random I turned to private investigators and Grandma looking over my shoulder said, “You should call that one dear. It says if you’re in need of an angel to help you in time of turmoil and trouble, call him.”
The name was Jack Chaumel on the ad and I dialled. We talked and he said he’d look into it a week went by and I received a call to come to his office. I went to a nondescript office in a poorer part of town mounting the stairs I entered a dingy office with a table and two chairs taking a chair I asked, “Did you follow the money?”
“I followed the money. That creep is bilking all of his parishioners not just your grandmother and his friends out of their money in a Ponzi scheme,” Jack Chaumel answered.
“I can’t believe this. I thought he might be up to something but aren’t Ponzi schemes on a grand scale. ”
“He’s done this before.”
“Better to ask where he hasn’t. He’s done this all over the U.S.”
“Is there any way to get the money back?”
“The money is still in his bank account we’ll see.”
“We need to stop him from fleeing with tonight’s proceeds,” I said looking down the aisle at the Reverend Tom.”
“Just watch.”
As he said this several people came out of the audience with guns raised yelling, “Police Officers “ and then telling Reverend Tom to get on the floor of the revival tent.  They searched him for weapon surprisingly he had a gun in a holster he had at his thigh under his Cossack. When I turned around Jack Chaumel was gone.
Several months later “Reverend” Alexander Tom was sentenced to twenty years for mail fraud, money laundering, and fraud. The money that was in Reverend Tom’s bank account mysteriously disappeared, but envelopes with the exact amounts missing appeared in his victim’s mail boxes. As for the P.I, people in the neighbourhood say they never saw his office there and he has disappeared as if he never existed. Some say they saw an Archangel Chaumel who helped us solve our problem the day of the arrest, maybe they were right. All I know is that Jack was heaven sent.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Mother's Love

          A Mother's Love

            Scurrying out the door I noticed with dismay that the snow flurries were now doing a merry dance blowing sideways and accumulating at an astronomical rate. Seeming to be the only car on the highway, I almost pulled over but instead I travelled on. Hitting a rough patch the car spun around flipping end on end and finally landing upside down in the ditch. I tried to get free but my seatbelt held me fast. My head hurt and my insides hurt. Hours went by and still I was stuck. I felt faint and the pain in my middle had gotten worse. I cried out for my mother. I feel like I’m talking to the air after all she’s dead.
Fading in and out and awaking to feel pain crying out again for my mother. I feel hands touching me, comforting me and I think I’m saved; but when I look over I see no one. I close my eyes against the pain and I hear my mother’s voice, “Hang in there baby. Help is coming.”
Minutes later I hear the door open and another voice say, “An ambulance is coming don’t worry you’ll be okay.”
I feel my mother’s hand leave mine when I reach the hospital and I’m afraid but in my ear I hear,” I love you baby and I’m always with you. You’ll be okay. Believe.”
The doctor says he doesn’t know how I survived all those hours but I do, my mother’s love saved me.

©Sheilagh Lee February 6, 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A fentanyl crisis, dead cops and possible corruptions the first day on the job for Sheriff Bullet #kindle #paperback @SweetSheil #Suspense #NewRelease

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Stray Bullet- In the small town of Driftwood, Colorado, the new Sheriff Bullet just wants to work as a cop and make his daughter proud, again. Imagine his horror when on the first day on the job he finds most of his police force missing and then murdered. Sheriff Bullet must deal with the age old problem of murder, and then the new scourge of the twentieth century, an illicit new drug that is decimating the youth of Driftwood. Sheriff Bullet must work with the FBI and his police force to find the answers and save his job before his future is decided.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Writings~ Smile

Tuesday Writings~ Smile

Prompts this week: Impartiality,

Enlightened, Educated.


“Come on smile.”

      Those words echoed over and over in my mind. I wish I’d walked away, never responded to the ad for a model. I thought I was suave, sophisticated , enlightened, educated and I could handle anything, I was wrong. I was a much a fool for flattery as anyone. He was a photographer. He told me I was beautiful and hired me as the model for his ad. At first he just continued to flattery me giving me compliments that wore me down. He said he had impartiality to most subjects but that  I was his favourite  subject. The camera loved me. Foolishly, I started dating him. He seemed charming debonair and exactly what I wanted in man that is until I said I do. Then he insisted that I was flirting with other men if any man looked at me. He struck me for the first time and I forgave him. He insisted it wasn’t my fault, that I was beautiful, I was never to model again stay home and wait on him hand and foot. Like some simpering fool I obeyed him. The rosy glow of love had surrounded me with some kind of fog that made me think it was entirely my fault. That is until today. Today he blackened my eyes, after the convenience clerk smiled at me. When I protested he continued the beating breaking my ribs and my left arm. I thought I was going to die. 

      There’s banging on the apartment door; the police want to come in. The neighbour’s must have heard the gunshot. I step over David's body, let them in and hide a smile Time to fake some tears, tomorrow I can smile.
©Sheilagh Lee January 16,  2018

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Your Christmas/Hanuakah/Holiday Treat ~Excerpt from Visions of Sugarplums and Christmas is Calling

The following are two excerpts from Christmas Is Calling 
and Visions of Sugarplums available at Amazon

if you'd like to purchase the book or books just click the title it will take you to a link to do so.

Angels We Have Heard On High

It was unseasonably warm a week ago and winter’s chill had come in a fury. Now the snow came down in not small clumps, but like someone throwing snowballs. I was cold hungry and I needed shelter for the night.

“I’m sorry; if only you’d come sooner, the shelter is full.” the person at the shelter called the Inn of the shepherd said as I looked in to see a Christmas tree burning brightly.

I had myself a bitter laugh. Here it was Christmas Eve and there was no room at the Inn. I looked around, no stable to be found, but a cardboard box from some large appliance someone was getting for Christmas lay before me.

How I remembered those Christmases of excesses, when money was plenty. When my life was different, and I had the love of my life by my side, but all of that was gone in the blink of an eye. I lost my job and then chased away my love, with anger and bitter words. Mary had then withered and died. Then I had lost my home and dignity, as I now walked the streets, living day to day on handouts.

I lay down to sleep on the cold ground, wrapped inside my box. The wind was bitter and bitingly cold. I pulled my ragged coat tighter round me. And still the cold battered me. I was almost asleep when I heard the heavenly music, the choir singing ‘Angels We Have Heard On High’. Before I had even thought about it my lips were singing the song too and I started wishing for an angel to take me out of the cold on this chilly night.

Suddenly before me appeared a woman, at least at first I thought she was a woman. I somehow knew without a doubt this was an angel. Her hair was dark, her wings hidden close to her back, small and almost invisible; until that is she bent forward and then the wings unfurled to their full size. They were majestic wings that from wing to tip each were six feet long and dark black in colour like a crow’s wings. I questioned why had I been sent a dark angel? Was I so unredeemable?
“Contrary to popular belief, angels come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of wings,” she admonished, as if she read my mind. Then she continued, “Lionel, I thought you were different and showed no prejudice.”

“Sorry,” I apologized, ashamed and suddenly frightened.

“Lionel, my dear man, and yes you are a good man; fear not for I have watched over you all your life. You need not dread me.”

“You’ve watched over me? Then where were you when I needed you?”

“I have been beside you. I have seen your best and your worst, and so has the almighty. You’ve learned much in the last week, and the almighty has seen your kindness, when you had so little yourself. He saw you give your last dollar to that teenager who was hungry.”

“Is that why the almighty finally answered my prayer?”
“Lionel, my dear man. Who stood with you when you needed shelter? Who found a meal for your empty belly? Who lifted your feet and made them light, when you felt you could walk no more?”

“The almighty was with me?”

“Yes, he made the unseasonable mild weather. He made the lady see that you needed money for food. Remember how surprised you were that she gave you a twenty?


“Come Lionel. Come with me to your reward. There will be no more pain, no more trial, no more sorrow, only his light,” she said taking me by the hand and pulling me into glorious light.

Light, all-encompassing peace and joy, everlasting enveloped me and there just in front of me, my dear wish, my wife.

“Hello Lionel. I’ve been waiting for you,” Mary said as she hugged me.

“Poor beggar, he died during the night.” I heard from far away.

But that life had no meaning for me anymore, I became light and felt nothing but peace and joy. So I had one request from the almighty. Let me share this love and joy at Christmas to all those deserving ones. And so God rewarded me. With Mary by my side, we are Christmas angels. We help the most deserving and see they get the Christmases they need. So if you feel that joy and that tug at your wallet this season, open it and share what you can. Make someone’s Christmas as special as mine.
©Sheilagh Lee December 6, 2012

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Home Invasion

He crept swiftly passed the sleeping girl, checking to make sure she didn’t hear his footsteps on the threadbare carpet. She stirred slightly and he paused for moment, taking a huge breath hoping she wouldn’t hear him. He slipped passed the boys room, as the cat almost tripped him. He worried that his large frame would make more noise and awakened the family before this job was done. He continued down the hall past the parent’s bedroom.

Softly his feet patted on the carpet and then a little harder on the wooden stairs as he tiptoed down them.

He entered the family room and spotted some baked goods left on a plate. Tempted he took one off the plate and thought about eating it. He then looked down at his round belly and almost stopped but then he thought dieting for woosies. Besides he could diet in the New Year after this job. The baked good dry and appetizing almost made him not eat it. But he was hungry, or at least he thought he was, even as he felt it go to his stomach like a lead weight, he continued eating. When he finished the baked good, he walked around the living room. Where he looked was bare, hardly anything filled the room. A well-worn chair well-loved covered in duct tape to hold it together stood in the corner. A sofa long and looking saggy was there covered in a crochet blanket to hide its flaws.

In the corner of the dark room stood a Christmas tree; if you could call it a tree, calling it a tree would be kind. The tree looked like something out of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. He stared at it for a few moments, watching the twinkling lights. A single strand blinked at him. He then decided to get the job done before this family woke. He took out his bag looking for his tools. He found them and quickly completed the job. Placing the tools back in his bag, he packed up and snuck out of the house.

The girl woke first and as she went into the living room, she squealed waking the boy who came running in response. The parents came next, worried about the screaming from their child.

The parents stood their shocked and puzzled staring into the living room. The whole family gazed and looked in shock at their living room. Where once a duct taped chair stood;. its depilated state an eyesore in the room, a leather chair was now positioned.

And not just any chair, a La-Z-Boy chair that could recline. The sofa was leather too and matched perfectly. A rug, a beautiful tapestry of figures on horseback, and with golden threads, appeared under the furniture. And in the corner where their Charlie Brown Christmas tree had stood, a beautiful Douglas fir stood in its place. It fairly glowed with the five hundred lights strung around it. The ornaments they’d placed so lovingly on their tree were there, with many more new ones filling the branches. And underneath the tree a bounty of riches, many pretty packages layered beneath the tree.

“I don’t understand this,” retorted the father, shaking his head.
“Me either,” the mother claimed, covering her mouth in wonderment.

“It was Santa Claus,” insisted the children.

“It must have been,” mother agreed. “Thank you, whoever did this. Because of you, my children will have Christmas. God bless you ten-fold.”

“Yes, thank-you Santa and God bless you,” the girl child reiterated, opening a present and squealing to find a Justin Bieber doll.

The man who had crept into the house sat in his home, his feet in front of the fire warming them.

“Did they hear you?” asked his wife.

“No,” he replied.

“Did your brother, Paul help you with the furniture?” she enquired.

“Yes, we got it all in and I used my tools to make sure it was all put together right.”

“And the tree did it fit?” she wanted to know.

“Yes, and it was beautiful,” he commented “The presents are all under the tree?”

“Yes, dear, including the Justin Bieber doll, Ellen wanted,” he stated happily.

“They don’t know who did all this. Do they?”

“No, they’ll never know their neighbours got together and did this,” he answered.

“Good. I hope they believe Santa Claus did all this.”

“Of course after all it was Santa Claus,” he replied, with a wink and touched his nose.

“Santa needs to go on a diet,” his wife commented.

“Yes, a little treadmill and then his belly won’t be so jolly,” he laughed. “I need a couple of hours sleep then we can have our Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, come to bed Santa.”

“Merry Christmas, to you too honey, and to all a goodnight.”

©Sheilagh Lee December 6, 2012


The wonder of Santa Claus
Seen through children’s eyes
Brings back treasured memories
Of Christmases long ago
The anticipation of Christmas morning
The family gathering too
Seen through rose-coloured glasses
The bittersweet remembrance
Siblings gone too soon
Of parents gone too
Forgotten for a moment
Lost in the anticipation
Of the celebration
So long ago.

©Sheilagh Lee December 5, 2017

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuakah,Happy Holiday whatever you celebrate I hope you have fun.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday's Writings #No 24- Christmas Spirit

Tuesday's Writings  #No 24- Christmas Spirit 
Prompts:Rouleau, Pervious, Orphic

“I have no Christmas spirit this year,” I commented, The rouleau on the tree even bores me.
“Rouleau you sound so pretnetious just call it trim.
The point it the orphic symbol of Christmas doesn't excite me.
“ Using pervious words doesn't change the fact that, that makes two of us, Holly,” my brother Zach answered, “I miss them too.”
“I’m so selfish forgetting you lost them too.”
“I have an idea what will make us happy,” Zach answered.
“What have Christmas… just the two of us? You’re always full of ideas, but it’s the follow up that’s the problem. I’ll be cooking the dinner.”
“Come with me to the mall,” Zach begged.
“You’re crazy; the mall is zoo this time of year, a week before Christmas.”
“Just follow me Holly. Come with me and you won't be sorry.”

          Holly reluctantly followed her brother.  He took her to the toy department and she felt like a kid again as they laughed and played with some of the toys. Zach put some of the toys in a cart. Then he went to the toiletries department and bought things that Holly could use. But why was he buying all of these things in front of her she wondered? Zach laughed and whispered in her ear and Holly understood.

        Holly picked up toys and some men’s toiletries and put them in her cart. Then she and Zach split up Zach going to the women’s clothing her to the men’s department. When they were all done they met at the front of the store laughing and smiling they paid for the goods. Them they went into the mall and in the centre of the mall near Santa they placed all their gifts. They had found Christmas after all.
©Sheilagh Lee December 12, 2017

Naughty Kitten
Mesmerizing, electrifying, orphic in intent,
Lights twinkling and shimmering,
A rouleau of colour wrapped about the tree 
Pervious to the kitten's intentions

It's unravelling coming soon

                                                                                                   ©Sheilagh Lee December 12, 2017

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