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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Please read and give generously to children in need at Christmas~Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story

Re-post from December of 2015; see my mother's story below and see what a little kindness can do for children and how it makes their Christmas and please if you can donate toys for Christmas for children they are in need this year and every year to make some child's season bright.

I was going across some of my beloved mother's papers yesterday, (the first time since she died) and I found a surprising thing she too had written about the Christmas that stuck in my mind when I was young. I think it's my Christmas present from her and now you can read it. My version of the story is included in my paperback and e-book Visions of Sugarplums

     In her version of the story she wrote of my imaginative nature;  she also included details I forgot.  It  did happen as she wrote them (in true fact I love her story)so I am going to give you another Christmas treat and post my mother's story for you. The only change to her writing? The Three Word Wednesday words included. The twist? It begins with a leprechaun. Yes, you read that right. Read on and enjoy. 

 Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story

             Sean was leprechaun. Actually to be completely honest he was just a stuffed doll. He’d been in the family for years and the children had never been allowed to play with him. He was hung in the window by a safety pin through his hat. Because of the children’s love of fairy tales over the years many tales had been made about him consequently the children began to believe he was a real leprechaun. In appearance he was quite ugly; about twelve inches tall; had long spindly legs, a sharp pointed nose and a disfigured face that had aged and discoloured to an ugly mahogany.

         For some unknown reason every time something bad was going to happen we would find him turned inward. I always blamed it on air currents but the children insisted he was warning us and that the pin hurt. Sean had tried to warn us when we travelled out to British Columbia that something was wrong by turning around in the car window and then we’d blown a tire. After that he also turned around when the car almost went over a cliff. My oldest son joked that the leprechaun was vengeful and the younger kids believed him.

         My husband insisted that the leprechaun wasn’t warning us Sean wasn’t vengeful or a savage, but a doll. That the tire had just blown and he’d made a mistake in geography getting too close to a cliff; but my young daughter, Sheilagh as she said her prayers that night said ...”and please tell Sean will get him a new suit if the car doesn’t break anymore.”

          She then said to me. “We can, can’t we Mommy?” I reassured her we could; then realized he was faded. I promptly forgot about it.

               Over the next few months we settled in and Sean was installed in the front window with a beautiful view of the mountains but he insisted on facing in. nothing went right the job my husband was offered caused allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks and then the old injury that had caused us to relocate reared again and my husband was hospitalized.

               During a family conference I explained how there wouldn’t be expensive presents and my oldest daughter blurted out to the younger ones there was no Santa and I had to admit that was true. My youngest daughter insisted with the surety of youth a child there was a Santa. That in fact she believed Daddy was sick because I hadn’t made Sean the suit I promised him and then of course she started crying about not getting a Chatty Cathy. She finished all of this with tears flowing down her face.

           The next day I took Sean down from the window and searching throw my scrap cloth and wool box. I found enough to make a new suit.
When the children came home from school they noticed right away that Sean was missing. Wanting to surprise them I told them Santa’s elves had the flu and Sean had gone to help him in return for a new Christmas suit. This made them happy and reaffirmed their belief in Santa. Even though they somehow understood even Santa didn’t have a lot of money either. They not only accept this idea but demanded bedtime stories of Sean and Santa.

         That Saturday I turned on a Santa television program for them and imagine my surprise when I heard Santa say,” All my elves are down with the flu and my friend Sean has come to help me.”
The camera panned to a doll that was the spitting imagine of Sean.
Muttering “I don’t believe it I went upstairs to look for Sean in my scrap basket. I took everything out piece by piece but I couldn’t find Sean. Following a sleepless night after sending the children to school I wondered where I could have lost him. I searched again and found Sean under a sock that needed darning. How I missed him the first second and gazillion time I don’t know.

         The next day my husband was released from the hospital came home and getting a licence shot a deer for Christmas dinner even though it hurt him to kill such a magnificent animal. We were happier. there was food for Christmas dinner.
Christmas morning Sean was back where he belonged in the window facing out, in his brand new suit. The doorbell rang at five a.m. and I found gaily wrapped presents outside the front door with the children’s names on them.  There had been a light snowfall overnight but the only tracks were hoof prints and two straight lines like those of a sleigh.

         We all stammered “What? Where? Why? How?”, as we looked  at each other in wonderment at the lack of human footprints and the two long lines where something big had rested.
The parcels were opened and to sounds of delight as it revealed a Chatty Cathy doll cuddled tightly, a pair of figure skates, a Bowie knife and a make-up mirror, a large toy crane and a model airplane.

         I found out later that the toys were supplied by an elderly lady who befriended the neighbourhood children and who had given all the children a Christmas party’ but neither she, nor anyone else could explain the lack of human footprints. Sheilagh was sure that she was Mrs. Santa Claus and had brought Sean back with her and the presents.

        Was Sean really a magical leprechaun? I am no longer sure. some things maybe coincidence but others have no explanation . The only thing I’m sure of its that it was the best Christmas ever.
By Shirley.W.

I hope you enjoyed my mother's story.  My daughter now has Sean and has promised him another new suit not bad since his last one was so long ago.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays and please if you can help children in need at Christmas and throughout the year.

Friday, December 8, 2017

My #ThursThreads winning tale -More than a lifetime


More than a Lifetime

        I have lived many lifetimes; I am aware that each lifetime I’ve missed the mark of my reason for being here. I have been difficult, cranky and generally hard to be around.Why was I like that you ask? Each life I would meet her fall in love and then lose her…the woman who made me a better man; to disease or disaster, or to another man. No matter what I seemed to do it was inevitable. I decided this lifetime I would enjoy all my time with her and not be a sour man afterwards.  Maybe then instead of living life over and over again we could be together in the afterlife.
Tonight I found her again she was in the process of committing suicide.

“You’re better off here with me,” I told her.
“But you don’t even know me,” she cried.
“Maybe, but I will if you give me a chance,” I insisted.

She gave me the chance. We’ve been together for twenty years now the longest of any lifetime. She’s started to remember us now so I know our time is short. I went to the doctor’s this morning and it’s me that will be pulled away this time; but I hope and pray that all the good we’ve done in the last twenty years together will be rewarded. I wish for another lifetime together again. For it’s not a curse as I thought but a gift and I know I will always love her and she me.

©Sheilagh Lee December 7, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Untraceable -Part 3

    Untraceable -Part 3

      My name is Sheriff Bullet. People call me Gee for short. I’m the Sheriff of Driftwood, Colorado and I have been for the last year and a half. I’m a recent widower; my bride was murdered the day after our wedding. It’s a bit of a story; I met Tina a doctor and fell in love instantly with her. We dated for six months and married when I found out she was expecting our daughter.
         Tina had been placed in my orbit by a master criminal who wanted to keep tabs on the new sheriff and almost succeeded; but Tina made the mistake of falling in love with me which sealed her fate. The master criminal killed Tina, my unborn baby, and Tina’s brother, but I had managed to kill her by accident while fighting for her weapon.
By the way I also have custody of a five year old daughter, Stella-Marie with my first wife who is serving time in prison for trying to kill me. I know what you’re thinking this guy is a loser; he sure knows how to pick his wives doesn’t he? I swear I’m working on my failings.  Who I’m I kidding? It was part of keeping my job as a sheriff.  I have to see a therapist once a week. The nearby county investigators may have labelled the criminal’s death a good shoot; but they didn’t like that our emotions had been so easily corrupted and compromised by a drug supplier. We’ve been warned not to let ourselves get so easily tangled. Easy? Are they kidding? The mastermind behind it all had been one step ahead of us before I even arrived in Driftwood.

      I was the lucky one my friend Gordon Chum who had been the S.A.I.C. (the Special Agent in Charge) had been demoted and assigned to a desk for the last year.  I’d see him on weekends and holidays and he wasn’t very happy. With all that going on in the time I’d been at Driftwood, despite my moaning and complaining to my surprise I was bored. You know what they say about boredom don’t you? As Arthur Schopenhauer used to say ~Boredom is just the reverse side of fascination: both depend on being outside rather than inside a situation, and one leads to the other.

    The plane crash lead to another case of which I’m about to let you in on now and it all started with Penny seeing the crash , calling me and then going out to save them.

     I hurried to the scene after calling the FAA and brought some of my cops with me. We all began searching for the site that Penny had described. Deep in the forest we found the plane burning brightly a shattered piece of metal. The pilots were found were mangled and in pieces and the other three bodies broken looked like rag dolls had fallen from the sky. One seat was intact a short distance from the crash site. By our count two seats were missing.  Where were they and where was Penny?

     We searched the area and found to our surprise a single seat intact a short distance away the occupant; a woman in her thirties however was dead. There were ATV tracks near here but we’d have to examine them closer to figure out how old the tracks were.

Examining the woman I couldn’t believe it. I not only met this woman, before I knew this would be big news for this woman was Arnold Ivan, the software king’s daughter, Paris Ivan.
©Sheilagh Lee November 2, 2017

To be continued next year when book is released

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Untraceable -Part 2

“Sheriff Bullet? A plane has gone down in the forest near my property. You need to alert the FAA and then they can send the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as it is protocol. We need to get some more officers out here to assist any recovery efforts. I’m on my way to help. Okay see you soon,” Penny said into her cell phone.

      Penny then tied up Bucky and entered the forest following the crackling sound. She hoped that the fire would not spread and trap them all.

       Penny heard the sound of moans and quickened her pace. Entering a clearing she spotted the wreckage. She at first though the small plane had broken into two pieces but then she realized it was three. It appeared that the pilots were dead; but as Penny looked around for passengers she saw a seat up in a tree. She would have to wait to save whoever was in that seat. Penny then spotted a woman still buckled into her seat. Her head was lacerated but she appeared to be breathing in and out from a distance. As Penny advanced on the woman she recognized her; she seen the woman’s pictures in all the tabloids, that golden blonde hair which normally fell to her shoulder in distinctive waves was now matted with blood and her signature fashion scarf around her neck also seemed coated with blood. That worried Penny she knew she had to get closer to the woman to checkout her injury and hopefully save the woman’s life.
Penny gasped as she got closer for she knew she was correct and this was Paris Ivan, the daughter of Arnold Ivan, the software king. As she advanced towards her Penny heard the sounds of an All-terrain vehicle and as she followed the sound she saw then proceed into the crash site.  Good she could use the help to find any other passengers she thought but before she could even get close enough to Paris the man dressed in black leather from head to foot, his head cover with a helmet snatched Paris’ scarf pulling it tight and began to strangle her.

“Stop, police officer,” Penny cried grabbing a rock since she didn’t have her service weapon.

      The man lifted his head and starred at her but didn’t stop. Then Penny heard anther ATV behind her and she turned her head slightly to see where I was unfortunately another man in black leather had snuck up on her and he struck a glancing blow across her head. Penny fell to the ground clutching her head and seeing double. She tried to regain her equilibrium but when she tried to stand she felt the blood rush to her head and she slumped in a stupor on the ground. Before she gave into the state of unconsciousness she heard, “Don’t kill her she’s a cop.”
©Sheilagh Lee October 17, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Untraceable-Part 1

        Penny Ambercrombie loved her family’s ranch and she loved riding her horse; but she loved Driftwood even more. Frankly working for Sheriff Bullet the next year had been exciting; but she was happy that there had been a lull for the last few months. The tragedy of the sheriff losing his baby girl Tina-Marie had brought back too much to her of her own tragedy and losing her own daughter, Lorna to leukemia. She had even considered going back to her therapist but then she had discarded the idea. All she needed was to ride her horse, Bucky (real name Buchanan Stirlingshire the third). He had been a race horse at one time but he had never lived up to his reputation then he had grown older and the owner felt he was consuming more than he was worth. Penny had bought him before they could send him to the slaughterhouse. With love and attention Bucky had blossomed and was a fine horse for someone who was a rancher in their spare time like Penny was.

        There had been a changeover in the properties near the ranch as families had lost interest or the money to run big ranches anymore. She barely knew the neighbors anymore. She looked towards the east and saw forest and thanked the fact that developers hadn’t come forth and developed that land. The truth was the Ambercrombie’s owned part of the forest and were not about to part with it. Sometimes it felt like the only place Penny could be alone and one with nature. She’d ride Bucky to the edge and then tie him to a tree and just wander just a little into the forest to think. She wouldn’t be long and then Bucky wouldn’t mind.

        Penny let Bucky have his rein and they galloped towards the forest area in the edge of the Ambercrombie property; before they got their Penny pulled Bucky up short as she stopped to examine the sky. Penny had heard a sputter then watched as a small plane seemed to drop from the sky and then a load bang was heard as it crashed in deep in the forest near the Ambercrombie ranch.

        Penny took out her cellphone from her pocket and dialed the sheriff’s office where she worked. So much for her day off and thinking quietly in the forest soaking up nature; she thought and then felt selfish. It was possible whoever was on board that plane was already dead but maybe not so she had to do all to save them if she could.
©Sheilagh Lee October 11, 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday's Writing #No 13- Siren

        Tuesday's Writing  #No 13- Siren

Prompts this week: luminance, essential, capacity

        The woman stood on the cliff, her red gold waist length hair trail behind her in the wind. For a moment I was thunderstruck by her beauty, her bright luminance lit the cliffside as she stood in utter stillness. Suddenly she turned and her green eyes met my inquisitive one. it was essential that I speak with her and capture her likeness.
    “I’d like to paint you,” I blurted.
    “What do you mean by that?’
    “I don’t mean any disrespect.”
    “So you aren’t suggesting you paint me nude?”
    “What do you take me for? But if that’s what you prefer I can adapt,” I leered.
She blushed, swallowed and then said, “Clothing is not optional.”
    “I accept.”

        I painted her on the cliffside slowly turned to me, her green eyes challenging me. Her red gold hair flowed behind her fanning out in the breeze in all its crowning glory. We laughed talked and got to know each other as we had a picnic every day as I painted trying to capture her likeness. Her capacity for love, kindness and her inner light filled me like nothing had filled me before. 

       I received many accolades for my painting as it was displayed in an art show. Y agent labelled it “Siren on a cliff” Many wanted to buy the painting but I refused even though I had made the siren mine. I’ll never tire of looking at my siren challenging me. 
         ©Sheilagh Lee September 26, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Writings No. #12- The Last Time

Tuesday Writings No. #12- The Last Time

Prompts this week: scribe, clandestine, toxic

       If you'd like to participate in Tuesday Writings please go to use the prompts and leave a comment on that page with a link to your blog and your name and you'll be included too.

The Last Time

       "That was the last time." I heard this line every day of the last ten years. Every word out of Jeff’s honeyed lips was a lie; but I’d fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. Every single time I’d thought he’d change he’d bring flowers and sweet words and I’d succumb to it forgiving him. I should have been smarter after all I had been a scribe of the court and I heard these toxic stories everyday  before I met him and left the job; but I thought I was above this I was smarter but I wasn't I was just a naive fool.

          Last month Jeff broke my arm; before that bones in my face. I had numerous injuries over ten years as he always accused me of clandestine affairs. I didn’t cheat on him, how could I? He held the key to the front door. I could go to a small garden in the backyard but the neighbours couldn’t see or hear me there for we were miles away from anyone. I hadn't spoken to anyone but Jeff in years all my friends and relatives had long since deserted me because of his nasty behaviour. I had no phone; no voice to the outside world. This morning he ordered me to make his breakfast after hitting me across the face. I dutifully made his breakfast and he’d eaten it telling me how good it tasted. Then he’d apologized just like he always did insisting it was the last time, promising me flowers. This time I answered back, “You’re right that was the last time!” as he writhed on the floor in agony and then succumbed.

 I planned what I would say to the police, “He brought the mushrooms; how did I know they were poisonous?” Either way I’d bought my freedom, I was ready.
©Sheilagh Lee September 19, 2017